Patient Care 

Course objectives:

The aim of the course is to present basing information regarding the use of medicines and other interventions in healthcare in various patients’ populations. Drug selection and safety is increasingly complex and demanding and undertaken as part of a multi-disciplinary process that involves pharmacists. During the course the role and leadership of pharmacy in medication safety is pointed as well as the strategies for reducing errors in pharmacotherapy of various diseases are discussed. The laboratories are based on the studying of cases.

Credit of this program is based on attendance and test including 20-30 questions.

Students are allowed to be absent without excuse at two lab classes. One additional absence must be formally excused (within a two-week period after return to the University) and students will have to write a report on the related topic or pass an extra test covering teaching material of the missed lab class (to be decided by the responsible for the course). No additional lab classes will be arranged for students who missed the class (with or without excuse). Absence at more than 4 classes will result in failing for Clinical Pharmacy (no credit).

Reading Material:

1. Therapeutic choices. Six Edition. 2011, Canadian Pharmacists Association.

2. Therapeutic choices for minor ailments. First Edition. 2013, Canadian Pharmacists Association.

3. Walker R, Whittlesea C. Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics. Churchill Livingstone. Elsevier. 2012


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